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The Mitsubishi Group (三菱グループ, Mitsubishi Gurūpu, also known as the Mitsubishi Group of Companies or Mitsubishi Companies, and informally as the Mitsubishi Keiretsu) is a group of autonomous Japanese multinational companies in a variety of industries including: mining, shipbuilding, telecom, financial services, insurance, electronics, and, automotive.

Caroline wrote the following review on Mitsubishi Automotive:

BUYERS BE WARNED! Stay away from Mitsubishi cars. The radiator sensor broke in my Outlander. As a result, I can't register my car. Mitsubishi only sells the sensor and radiator together for $1,500! This is a total rip off, as there is nothing wrong with my radiator! The DMV said to junk it for $1,000. I guess they are saying Mitsubishi is junk? I don't have this kind of money. What am I supposed to do Mitsubishi?


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Former Employee - Senior Internal Controller says

"No flexible working arrangement, no working from home, no promotion opportunity, lack of technology, very inefficient, all the operation is based on manual processes. All the managers' positions are filled with Japanese expats which affect the daily work environment, the situation is even worse if you are a woman and try to grow professionally. Obviously, some departments are better than others but just do not waste your time if you are ambitious, driven and want to add value. None of the benefits are worth to compromise on your values, drive or professional desires and determination."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The management is comprised of a bunch of autocrats, who fears those smarter than them. And when confronted, they hide behind their ranks, shying away from enagaging in any meaningful discussion"

Current Employee - Manager says

"Japenese culture. Don’t want to converse to English culture. Arrogant and rude."

Current Employee - Customer Service and Logistics Specialist says

"No growth opportunity, label positions under customer service but perform operations, purchasing, forecasting, logistics, materials management, and warehousing functions to avoid paying employees what the functions are worth. Expect physical labor tasks done by male employees only when position does not advertise physical labor. No diversity, no HR staff, and has intentionally vague company policy handbook to change standards at will. I would rate 0 stars if I could. I've heard employees make racist and sizeist remarks in the workplace with no repercussions because of favoritism in the work place."

Former Employee - Assistant Manager says

"If you're not Japanese, your bosses won't support your career, will try to keep your salary down and will put a young interculturally totally uncapable Japanese guy as your boss every couple of years."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Limited opportunity for women in management level"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Training sucks and they need better communication"

Manager says

"Racists (local just white trash). Liars. Untrustworthy. Inward looking. Gutless and spineless. Nepotism entrenched in their culture.Delusional. Nationalistic. Twits.No global vision just internationalization of Japan Inc. Really nasty people."

Former Employee - Operations says

"Indoctrinated bullying culture. Unworkable ex pat rotation with underqualified managers who are out of their depth and rule with fear if you dont tow the japanese line. Sexist, discriminatory and rude unless youre upper japanese management! Useless HR dept who allow Japanese managers to do what they like regardless of employment law. Allow managers and staff alike to bully and intimidate regardless of policies and procedures."

Supervisor says

"Closing of plant. Leaving the country. Displacing many, many, talented and dedicated employees. Should have focused on model upgrades, marketing and trends,as they relate to design and options. It's unfortunate that this company lost its focus. The cars were affordable and well built by committed workers."

Analista Contábil Sênior (Former Employee) says

"Falta de equilíbrio no tratamento com pessoas e falta de valorização do profissional e investimento na carreira.Benefícios de mercadoGerencia desqualificada"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"Working here was by far the most depressing time in my life. Being only 16 in my first job I didn’t know what to except but it definitely wasn’t this. They treat all the employees with disrespect and are nothing but bully’s. The line leaders and supervisors had no idea what they are doing, absolutely useless! They don’t care about you unless your one of the ‘favourites’ . If you had a problem they wouldn’t do anything to help ever. An you would almost always get punished in some way for addressing a problem. The most unprofessional workplace I have eve worked at"

Production Operator (Current Employee) says

"management is shocking, only care about how many they produce a day don’t care about your health and wellness, favouritism is shocking if your not a favourite your treated like dirt"

Lube Technician (Former Employee) says

"Doesn't work with you..employees are out to get you ,they throw you underneath the bus not a team environment out for oneself.. management not team player..NothingManagement"

Business Development Representative (Former Employee) says

"The room I worked in was nothing but a hostile environment. It was nothing but arguments and drama in the room. Constant fighting over leads and trash talking employees by management. They pick and choose who they like and what role and hours you get.None!"

Mecánico de automóviles (Former Employee) says

"muy mala , maestros no enseñan nada , jefe de taller mal trato y dueño tambiénnoninguna"

Dealership Administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very badly managed dealership with insincere people running the business. High staff turnover. Do not follow their own company policies & ethos.NoneContanstantly being made to feel uncomfortable"

Sales Consultant and Finance (Former Employee) says

"simply the worst place to work for, sales is stressful enough but management makes it that much worst i do recommend anyone to pursue a career at Mitsubishi as a sales man"

Accueil (Former Employee) says

"Mis à part la secrétaire l'environnement de travail ne donnait pas envie ."

Ventas (Former Employee) says

"Mi trabajo lo hacia con gran interes, dedicacion y resultados, pero no fui valorado como tal y engañado ya que me dejaron a deber mucho dinero"

Marketing (Former Employee) says

"By far this is the worst organisation I have ever worked for and would not recommend this workplace to my worst enemy. Just like their cars, the workplace is stuck in a time warp. I worked in the head office in Adelaide and I am sure there are happier people that work in a morgue compared to this place. The décor is stuck in the 80’s, the culture and morale is sad, depressing and everyone feels intimated by the CEO who is not a leader and is only focused on achieving his sales and does not care one bit about staff. The CEO has a very poor reputation amongst staff, dealers and externally and no one is happy in this place and people walk around as if they are on egg shells. Staff don’t resign they get made redundant, and if someone resigns everyone envy’s them. If you work here you need to bring your own stationery as it is not supplied – papers, pens etc. To me that sums up the company and how they little they value their staff. This is a not a people orientated company rather the CEO is on a mission to achieve his sales target at any cost and does not value people, culture, morale etc etc.... If you a very desperate work here, however having worked for a range of large corporates and SME’s in varying industries, this by a country mile was the worst place I worked at. In fact the week after I started I was told that my dept was relocating to Melbourne. How is that for being misled through the recruitment process! Our course I was made redundant …….NoneComing to work everyday"

Assembly line and Inspector (Current Employee) says

"very stressfull and underpaid, very poorly managed. no room to advance. free healthcare and dental is a plus. we build turbos for honda and gm but production has went down this past year"

Group Leader Production / Utilities Maintenance (Current Employee) says

"First time in 8 years the company made money, they decide to close. Legacy cost drove the decision. The company sucked the life out of the host state and the employees, then closednonebad management"

Mitsubishi Service Advisor/General Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Horrible management.... Egotistical work environment.... Totally unprofessional .... Dealer would use aftermarket parts if factory parts were not available and charge the client as per the factory price point ! Toxic lead technician a total unprofessional!!!! Worst experience of my lifeNoneSee above"

Tech (Former Employee) says

"Aweful working conditions with very little concern for health and safety of techs , leaky roofs , no hot water for 8 weeks, overloaded work schedules, services not completed to schedules, long hours little break, exceptionally poor managment , service dept lead by the sales caos just pure caosGood productLike working in Victorian mills"

Inventory Control and Material Handling (Former Employee) says

"This company no longer makes cars in the U,S,A,, They closed not just because of economics. They no longer wanted to have an American work force. Job were given not based on anything but. when you were hired.UnionUnion"

Fixed Operations Manager (Former Employee) says

"Poor upper management from new ownership no respect New General Manager was Tyrant rude and arrogant, You are always looking over your shoulder being micro managed Former owner was great."

Lube Technician (Former Employee) says

"The work was good. Management was very rude and nasty would spread other employees business around to other employess, would always talk down to you curse at you.The guys you work withManagement and the Owner"

Service Technician (Former Employee) says

"Wasn't the best place to work, conditions were horrible, management failed to keep promises made to employee's. Company ethics were absolutely horribleNoneList too long"

Hourly employees (Current Employee) says

"Managers are very unqualified. Make decisions on directions for the hourly employees without knowing what needs done. Managers do not value an hourly worker or their knowledge. The GM are only worried about there bonus and push poor product out the door. Employees argue and fight like kids in school and management does do anything to stop itBenefitsTreatment of employees"

MD Neecy says

"Sadley, pregudice at Mitsubishi dealership in San Bernardino, CA. My friend selected a vehicle with the intent of co-signing. The vehicle was for her nephew of 19, which she raised. The Sales rep would not consider selling the vehicle to the 19-year old, the rep stated he would not use the SSN because he was not a citizen. The 19-year old college student, is a proud American, as he's lived here his enrire life, and is a permanent resident with a legal SSN. My friend's children are serving in the U.S. Military and in the private sector as civil servants; to say the least, she's raised her children successfully. I'm dissapointed the dealership's morals are affected by all that is going on with immigration. This was not a case of immigration or an immigrant. This was a case of attempting to teach a young adult the next lesson in life - learning about the ongoing scramble of responsibilities: the responsibility of bills, maintaining a vehicle, understanding car insurance, registration, and safety awareness. My family, friends, and I will not be considering Mitsubishi dealers or vehicles. Thankfully my friend found a friendly dealership next door and the 19-year old college student is excited to have his new vehicle and is on the road to learning more about the grownup responsibilities."

Samiul Hoque Dhrubo says

"Let me start with this simple question - how does it feel when you are dishonestly treated? It feels horrible be it a romantic relationship, a failing marriage, friendship, professionally and especially when you are sold a previously sold car as a brand new car. Now we are well aware of the financial world jargons, which we try and avoid at our best capacity, but nothing justifies lying to your customer. Business’ - trust is vital irrespective of what business you are in unless your strategy is off course that. My family have been a victim of a similar incident this week after they bought a supposedly brand new Mitsubishi Mirage from a local dealership in Brandon. So you may ask what happened. My family went to buy a 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage for my sister. I have read great reviews about this car being an ideal small vehicle for someone who just wants to go from A to B. Believing fellow reviewers, we went ahead with the deal. A small mistake on our part – we did not check the ODO meter before closing the deal. After leaving the lot we realized the car had 835 miles in it. So we immediately mined through the contract – and realized we were not in trouble as the contract says the car has been sold to us as a new car. Now pricing the demo car can be tricky. advises to calculate the TMV of the car then deduct the factory incentives and then deduct at least 20 cents for every mile the car has been driven. I will leave the amortization and present value calculation to have some readers finish reading this review, I did not have to worry about calculating the price of the car either. Why? Because supposedly I am being sold a new car yet I find an open envelope with the previous buyer’s purchase contract. I immediately called Mitsubishi USA and they said go back to the dealer. So my father went back to the lot and the young manager at the front desk who had sold the car to us the night before says something about a $4000 discount that he had given us. He also added since you test drove the car and did not say anything yesterday we consider it a closed transaction. My father called me back to come and explain to him what is going on. From then onwards I dealt with the situation. When I went there one of the two salesman from the night before got the floor manager (another one) after patiently waiting for 30 minutes for me. I asked him why you sold me a used car in the name of a brand new one. He bluntly denied the previous sale of the car, instead insisted it’s a brand new car that had no previous owners. I have had enough by then, so I started explaining how I spoke to the head office and they told me how this car was owned by another person before me and I have all the documents to show for it. The look on his face – priceless!!! His toned coupled with his stance changed and offered me a swap for a brand new car. I agreed. After two hours of going back and forth in the lot they finally offered me two cars one with 0.4 miles and the other with 297. The one with the 0.4 miles was a color that my sister does not like, so it was eliminated as a choice. As far as the second one goes 297 miles for a brand new car?? Not happening again! My father had previously asked the sales person to upgrade since they cannot give us something we like. To please us the sales person argued with the young manager to offer an upgrade of the vehicle but the young manager did not come forward or even bother to come and talk to me. I was surprised at his arrogance. I mean at the end of the day it’s your mess – you should be cleaning it. So after about two and some hours he came to me and said guys we will offer you an upgrade although I will take some losses. I gave him an earful explaining what I expected from him and how stylishly he under delivered. Anyway at the end of the day I will give credit where credit is due. The young manager had no choice but to please me since I had evidence about how he initially lied to us and tried to short sale us. But the credit goes to the two salespeople who went out of their way to get it done for us. Overall I am impressed by the car, the salespeople. But most importantly here is the lesson I learned: Make sure you do research on the TMV of the car, review the dealership and check for paperwork on cars which have more than 150 miles in it as it might have been sold before."

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